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Established in 2012 by professionals with wide and varied experience in planning, design, manufacturing and commissioning, and managing of projects.

"Tragbar Solutions " offers savvy surface treatment plants for different ventures like Automotive and General Industries including Appliances, Furniture, Agricultural, Electrical Equipments, handicrafts and so forth. Our surface finishing products portfolio incorporates, planning, assembly, Installation and commissioning of various kinds of turnkey metal treatment plants. Furthermore, for client's convenience we can design and manufacture the product as per requirement on site as well.

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CED (cathode electro deposition)

Tragbar Solutions is a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of CED Coating Plants and equipments. Cathodic Electro-deposition (CED) Electro-deposition is and abbreviation of Cathode Electro Deposition

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aquence chemical coating plant

At Tragbar Solutions, we have installed Aquence® 866, Aquence®930 Aquence®935G pre-treatment coating plants all across Indian and also in abroad. Formerly branded as Bonderite 930 Coating,

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electroplating plant

Tragbar Solutions is a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Electroplating Plants as well. In the electroplating plating process metal ions are transported with the use of electric field

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phosphate coating plants

We at Tragbar Solution, design and manufacturer various types of phosphate coating plants like in spray or dip application method 1) Nano Coating 2) Di-cationic or tri cationic phosphate plant

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liquid painting plants

Tragbar Solutions is a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Spray Painting Booths, Paint Curing Ovens. Tragbar Solutions is a complete solution provider in the field of surface preparation to paint spray booths

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powder coating plant

Powder coating plants are widely accepted and used in the industry because it does generate any effluent or it is relatively cleanand cost effective process w.r.t. conventional painting plants in the Industry.

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We Are Leader In Industiral Market

Why to choose Tragbar Solutions because client need one trusted advisor who can come into their inner circle and understand what they care about deeply their family, their business and their long term goals. But clients also choose us because they need a partner who can direct a team of people to achieve their goals.

Quality Control

Quality is our first priority as we understand the value of our clients and retaining them for longer duration is very important.

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Smart Technology

We use smart technology for which as a result offers cost effective surface finishing solutions to our clients.

Our Process

How We Works

Working at Tragbar Solutions be a part of meaningful innovation. At Tragbar Solutions we are committed to create a global leadership culture that is as diverse and vibrant as the markets we serve and product we make. We are looking for out standing global talents and future leaders in world as we are on cusp of the next chapter of our history.


We pride ourselves on delivery the world’s best products through operational excellence and innovation prowess. As we look forward to explore new business areas we are excited for new challenges and opportunities ahead. Tragbar Solutions will continues to build on top of its current achievements new capacity and expertise to further its competitiveness and its history of innovation.


Tragbar Solutions choose to invest heavily in technical innovation and Research & Development in order to have a competitive advantage driven by innovation Tragbar Solutions had to become a pioneer developing new technology.


Tragbar Solutions they have produce over 12 different electro/technology plant to serve their customer.

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We offer the best engineers and builders to make your dreams come true.

Our Promise and Values

Tragbar Solutions believes that living by strong values is the key to good business. Everything we do at Tragbar Solutions is driven by unyielding passion for excellence and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best products and services on the market.

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