Phosphate Sludge Separation System

The conventional phosphate sludge removal equipment, such as SS clarifier tanks, filter press along with an array of SS tanks & accessories are completely avoided by use of Centrifuge Separators.

The Separator is directly connected to the phosphate tank and the clean solution is returned back to the tank on a continuous basis.

The sludge separator can remove solid particles up to 10 microns and below at a very high efficiency. The separators can work efficiently on Iron, Zinc, Manganese, etc phosphate applications and can work at high temperatures.

Our Sludge Separator has many advantages over the conventional phosphate sludge filtration systems, as follows:

  • • Man less operation,
  • • High cleaning efficiency - up to 10 microns particle size
  • • Compact - very less space required
  • • Simple in design - very easy for maintenance & user friendly
  • • Dry sludge produced - saving in chemicals & disposal costs