Liquid Painting Plants

Tragbar Solutions is a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Spray Painting Booths, Paint Curing Ovens. Tragbar Solutions is a complete solution provider in the field of surface preparation to paint spray booths and further to curing ovens and provides its expertise for every industry.

We manufacture various types of booths like

  1. Dry type paint booth:

  2. Dry Booth is recommended where the painting quantum of work is low or the components are of very small sizes. In this booth , mechanical filters or paper filtersare used. Mechanical filter can be cleaned periodically & reused.

  3. Side draught type paint booth

  4. The booth consists of MS/SS panel enclosure. Constant flow, water wall is provided at the back side of the article. While spray painting, the overspread paint flows downward with water. In the washing chamber, air suction draft is maintained from the side of the booth. The operator stands outside or inside the booth while painting. The application of this boothis for conveyorized and batch type. .

  6. This booth is having air suction draught from the top to the bottom of the booth with a constant air velocity of 0.3 to 0.6 m/s. Constant flow water wall is provided at the bottom of the booth. The overspread paint flows with the water in the washing chamber. Application of this booth is for heavy articles. The operator walks inside the booth around the article for painting.